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The Best Emulators for Android

Hey All! In this video I go over my picks for the best emulator apps on Android. For many of these apps, I’ve created a guide showing how to use the emulators. Here is the previous video for the best emulator apps on android: How to set up RetroArch on Android: The best Nintendo DS… Read More »

The Emulator Awards of 2019: The best in emulation!

Hey All! Welcome to the Emulator Awards of 2019. Each winner receives a prestigious Suji award for being best in their category. The categories for this year’s awards are: 1. Best PC Emulator 2. Best Android Emulator 3. Easiest Emulator to Use 4. Best Online Multiplayer Emulator 5. Best Looking Emulator 6. Most Improved Emulator… Read More »

How to play 3DS on Android: The best 3DS emulator for Android – Citra

Hey all, in this video I go over how to play Nintendo 3DS games on an Android device! Currently the best emulator on Android is an unofficial port of Citra, which can be found here: https://github.com/weihuoya/citra/releases For reference, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a Snapdragon 845 processor in order to run… Read More »

Nintendo switch USB-C charging port dock connector replacement

Need a repair? Visit our repair shop if you are local or mail in your device using the mail-in form at http://northridgefix.com/mail-in/ Paypal Contributions http://paypal.me/NorthridgeFix Nintendo Switch Parts and Components https://northridgefix.com/?s=nintendo&post_type=product Low Melt Solder http://northridgefix.com/product/low-melt-solder-stick/ 500 USB Connectors Box http://northridgefix.com/product/500-charging-port-connectors-for-phones-tablets-and-other-electronic-devices-repair/ 76pc universal laptop power charger http://northridgefix.com/product/76pc-ultimate-universal-laptop-and-electronics-charger-kit-including-2-power-cables/ USB/USB-C test meter http://northridgefix.com/product/usb-volt-amp-meter-supports-usb-c-and-and-all-other-usb-connectors/ Microscope + lens https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FAuto-Focus-1080P-HDMI-SONY-IMX290-Microscope-Camera-10-180X-C-Mount-Lens-TF-card%2F273583458867%3Fhash%3Ditem3fb2d84a33%3Ag%3AAy8AAOSw4c5b~RUx&campid=5338440312&toolid=20008 ———————————————————… Read More »

Top 10 2D Fighting Games

The 2D fighting game genre features some amazing games including Street Fighter 2, Marvel vs. Capcom and many more why not tell me your favourite fighting games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.

Top 10 Modern Fighting Games

In the year 2008, fighting games had a resurgance that brought the genre into a new age. These are the best fighting games of the modern era! Click to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubtoScrewAttack OFFICIAL DEATH BATTLE SUGGESTION FORM: http://bit.ly/DBSuggest2018 ►Watch our stuff early: http://bit.ly/2m9WLsZ ►Our Store: http://bit.ly/NewScrewAttackStore ►Look how social we are! ScrewAttack on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ScrewAttackFacebook ScrewAttack… Read More »

Is Nintendo Labo Worth The Hype?

This is the Nintendo Labo. A new way to use your Nintendo Switch. dbrand Nintendo skins – https://dbrand.com/nintendo-switch _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here… The TRUTH About Smartphones in 2018 World’s Biggest Fortnite Gaming Setup! The Weirdest Phones In The World… The Coolest Smartphone You’ll Never Touch… I’m Switching To… Read More »

My Top 10 Platform Fighting Games

Hey guys, sorry for lack of uploads, this video was super long and took more time to work on, also I got a ton of positive feedback on my SSF2 Shonen Anime Video last week so thank you guys so much for that! In other news, I (maybe?) will try and stream more often in… Read More »


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