Huawei unlock bootloader 2021 100% FREE | PotatoNV Tool Kirin 960/650/655/658/659/(950/620 added)

★ Download PotatoNV:
★ HUAWEI USB COM 1.0 drivers, check this video:

★ My device: Huawei P10 VTR-L09 EMUI 8 (Works on EMUI 9)
★ There is no support for Kirin 710/810/970/980 and newer. You have nothing to look for here.
★ If you have Kirin 65X you can try Kirin 65X (A) or Kirin 65X (B) bootloader
★ List of tested devices on the website of the developer of PotatoNV:

★ If you want to lock the bootloader after using this method, please follow these steps:
Go to fastboot mode and enter these commands:
– fastboot oem hwdog certify set 1
– fastboot reboot
Bootloader is locked

★ Support for Kirin 950 and 620 has been added!
★ I don’t answer questions like: Does this work on my Huawei/Honor device (model)?
It is really hard to check the specs of your device? Check what processor your device has and make a decision whether it works or not.
KIRIN 960/950/650/655/658/659/620 ———– If your device has a procesor from this list, it should work and the rest of the processors KIRIN 970/810/710 or newer Kirins and QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGONS AND MEDIATEK processor will not work, SIMPLE LOGIC.
★ A new version of PotatoNV has been released and has changed a bit. If you want to unlock the bootloader without wiping data (factory reset), check “disable fblock” and you don’t need to type “fastboot oem unlock” either, just enjoy unlocking the bootloader.

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