how to unlock bootloader using cmd

How to unlock Bootloader using cmd

For Token Verify Failed, Reboot the device:
1. Go to settings
2. enable developer options
3. Enable OEM unlock

First of all you need to navigate to folder where you have placed your downloaded links by following this commands –
1. To come out from Local disk C – cd.. (continue typing this till you come out from Local disk C)
2. To open another Local disk for eg.. Local disk E – E:
3. To open a folder in same Local Disk – cd “folder name”

Continue the 3rd process until you open the downloaded links.

ADB commands-
1. To check whether your device is properly connected or not – type “fastboot devices”
if it shows you some numbers, then it is connected.

2. To unlock bootloader of your device – type “fastboot oem unlock”
it will take some time and after some time it will say FINISHED.
That’s it.

Universal ADB driver setup