How to ROOT any Android without PC or Custom recovery

By | August 17, 2021

The only way to ROOT any Android without PC or custom recovery.

ROOT your Android without any PC or Custom recovery.
Just follow the steps shown and do not skip them.

You’ll need just a few things
1:Charging Cable [ USB cable ]
2: OTG Cable
3:The phone you want to ROOT
4: Another phone
5: Firmware Files for the device you want to ROOT

If you have these things, you can easily ROOT your device with this step by step tutorial.

NOTE: [ To ROOT our devices we must unlock our Bootloader. So, our devices will get Factory Resetted ]

So, make sure to backup important things and data on the SD card.

Link: [ ]

Z Archiver
Link: [ ]

I made the video as short as I could.
The video is long cause it’s long.

Please watch the full tutorial, don’t skip it.
Phew, Holding the Camera was quite hard!!
It kept shaking..
Sorry for that…

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