How to Install the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 LineageOS 18.1 Custom ROM

LineageOS 18.1 was officially released for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and today I’ll take some time to show you how to download and install the custom ROM.

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Lineage OS is one of my favorite custom ROMs and anytime one of my phones gets official support I want to test things out. I’ll be showing the official method of installing LineageOS 18.1 in this video but you can also flash the ZIP file via TWRP if you’d like.

You’ll first need to have an unlocked bootloader, though. So if you haven’t done that yet then be sure to look for that dedicated video I link below. You’ll also need to download both the custom ROM zip file as well as the recovery img file.

We first start by booting the Redmi Note 7 into Fastboot Mode so that we can flash the LineageOS Recovery img file. We’ll then need to boot over into Recovery Mode to make sure it was installed properly.

If it was, we can then enter ADB Sideload mode and then connect the smartphone to the PC with a USB cable. We’ll then be able to execute the “adb sideload” command as shown in the video.

Wait for the LOS ROM to be sent and then installed to the Redmi Note 7. This can take a few minutes to complete so be patient and follow along with me in the video.

Once done, you’ll then be able to complete the installation by rebooting back into the system (aka Android). This time, though, you’ll see the Lineage OS boot animation screen before it takes you to the Android activation page.

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(let me know if I left any out)

Full Tutorial
1. Intro [00:00]
2. Begin using the latest version of MIUI [01:15]
3. Download the ROM & Recovery files [01:39]
4. Boot the Redmi Note 7 into Fastboot Mode [02:18]
5. Connect it to the PC with a USB cable
6. And execute the Fastboot command as shown [03:40]
7. Boot the Redmi Note 7 into Recovery Mode [05:10[
8. Perform a Factory Reset [06:58]
9. Sideload the LineageOS 18.1 ROM [07:35]
10. Reboot the smartphone back into Android [10:35]
11. And activate Android like normal [12:43]

The Gear I Use
5W Amazon Charger –
MicroUSB Cable –
USB-C Cable –
TPU Cases –

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