How to Install Konstakang's New Android TV 11 Lineage OS 18.1 with GAPPS on Raspberry Pi 4

New Android TV on Raspberry Pi 4. Install Android TV 11 on Raspberry Pi 4. Install Konstakang Android TV on Raspberry Pi 4. Android TV 11 on Raspberry Pi 4.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:20 Getting the Required Files
00:02:01 Creating the Android TV Bootable SD Card
00:03:57 First Boot and Setup
00:05:42 Installation of Gapps
00:08:09 Setting Up Android TV After Gapps Installation
00:11:03 YouTube Playback Test
00:12:20 Disney+ Playback Test

Konstakang’s site:
Opengapps site:
Tested working Gapps:

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