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iOS 14.1 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 14.1 released for all supported devices and brings with it a number of fixes for iPhone and iPad. Also, iPadOS 14.1 is out as well, along with watchOS 7.0.3 yesterday. In this video I go over all the features, updates and changes in iOS 14.1 using, iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone 6s Plus… Read More »

iOS 14.1 Released – What’s New?

iOS 14.1 Released – What’s New? | iOS 14.1 Changes, Performance, Battery Life & More (Review) Apple just released iOS 14.1 about a month after the release of iOS 14.0.1 and in this video, we cover all of the new changes, bug fixes, performance, battery life and more. We also briefly touch on HomePod version… Read More »

iOS 14.1 RELEASED – This is a BIG ONE!

#ios141 #apple #ios Sponsor link ad: Tenorshare 4uKey to unlock iPhone lock and disabled iPhone: Today apple released iOS 14.1 to everyone worldwide alongside iPadOS 14.1 in this video I go over some of the Latest improvements and new features in iOS 14.1 such as the new HomePod intercom a new 10 bit HDR video… Read More »

iOS 14 OFFICIAL on iPhone 7 Plus

#ios14 #iphone7plus #update In this video, we download and install the latest Apple software update, iOS 14 on Apple iPhone 7 Plus to review the features and update. GET CHEAP iPHONES on Amazon (US): GET CHEAP iPHONES on Amazon (UK): GET CHEAP iPHONES on Amazon (Canada):

iOS 14 *Aesthetic Homescreen Setup Guide and IDEAS!

Today I wanted to show you how to set up your iOS 14 home screen and show you all how I set up my home screen! You can grab these icons at my store – I wanted to do a neon aesthetic and have made it easy for you to do one too! 💜… Read More »

The Ultimate iOS 14 Homescreen Setup Guide!

So I heard you like homescreens… Complete iOS14 feature walkthrough: 0:00 Intro 1:15 Level 1 3:24 Level 2 6:07 Level 3 Timepage: HeyWeather: Google: Color Widgets: Widgeridoo: WidgetSmith: Shortcuts: My black Icon pack (Paid): Free icon packs: FlatIcon packs: MKBHD Merch: Tech I’m… Read More »

iOS 14 Homescreen Setup – Tips/Tricks + Favorite Custom Widgets!

How to customize your iPhone on #iOS 14 using custom widgets plus sharing a few tips and tricks. This setup is a nice refresh on the iPhone. Definitely looking forward to seeing more widgets and more home screen customization. 00:00 Intro 01:35 Setup Custom Icons (Shortcuts) 03:35 Setup Clock Widget 04:35 Setup Photo Widget 05:53… Read More »

BEST iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas!

How to set custom icons: How To Set Photos as Widgets: Animal Crossing Theme: Studio Ghibli Theme: I’ve always kept the stock app positions since iOS4, I decided to try something very different for 14 from iOSsetups Windows 95 Theme: Black and Gold Theme: Halloween Theme: GET SUPER… Read More »

iOS 14 Home Screen Customization with Widgets + Organization Tips/Tricks!

All hail the Tik Tok Tech Tokers because without them I wouldn’t know how to make this setup, if you like the setup or this video helped you to customize your own setup, I am glad I could help! How did I make this setup? Wigetsmith – Color Widgets – Photo Widgets… Read More »