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Install GrapheneOS With Web Installer (Degoogle Your Phone In 10 Minutes)

In this video I demonstrate the GrapheneOS web-installer which allows you to install GraphenOS with just a few clicks on a webpage. GrapheneOS is arguably the most secure and privacy-focused mobile OS out these. My Website: Odysee: DONATIONS WELCOME: Monero: 84Y4FZiTbLeR5qc1fBrBhB1yq5agKtEdoixq2w1ysXJv486MiBCz3czGT15bqeXDPpdLoNyF93inxY3BCk6g8mrDMNKoArS Bitcoin: 1Dmn9jEtWAhdLk1HHWkUVNeDdAaBCwNajm GrapheneOS website: Intro: (0:00) Explaining GrapheneOS: (1:14) Beginning Web… Read More »

GrapheneOS – Mit 10 Schritten in die Freiheit vor totaler Kontrolle – Grenzenlos Leben 238

Du bist zu der Auffassung gelangt, dass Du keine Lust mehr auf totale Kontrolle durch Google oder Apple hast? Prima. Dann kann GrapheneOS eine Lösung für Dich sein. Kaufe am besten Geräte dafür direkt bei Google, die lassen sich garantiert umbauen: Wenn Du 5G genauso wenig magst wie ich, kaufe Dir das Pixel 4A… Read More »

El sistema ANDROID más PRIVADO y SEGURO | GrapheneOS

Os cuento cómo es GrapheneOS en un Google Pixel 5. Web oficial: Mi otro canal principal: Mis redes sociales: Twitter: →​​​ Facebook: →​​​ Instagram: →​​​ ​​Telegram: →​​

GrapheneOS – Full Post Install Setup Guide – Maximize Security and Privacy On Your Android Phone

In this video, let’s go over a full setup post installation of the highly secure and privacy respecting Android operating system GrapheneOS. This guide includes a walk through of all the setup screens after fresh installation and first boot. There is a discussion about the Home Screen, App Drawer, and the Auditor, PDF Reader and… Read More »

Degoogled GrapheneOS Google Pixel 5 – Final thoughts

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How to Get a Private Phone, Number, and Cellular Data

In this video I take you through all the necessary steps to get a private cellphone, private cellular service and phone number, and how to keep all your personal data off of it to make your usage of that private phone as anonymous as possible. ₿💰💵💲Help Support the Channel by Donating Crypto💲💵💰₿ Monero 45F2bNHVcRzXVBsvZ5giyvKGAgm6LFhMsjUUVPTEtdgJJ5SNyxzSNUmFSBR5qCCWLpjiUjYMkmZoX9b3cChNjvxR7kvh436 Bitcoin… Read More »

Ubuntu Touch on the Pinephone – is this the best Linux mobile interface?

The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: I already covered Phosh, the mobile port of GNOME, and Plasma Mobile, both running on the pinephone. Now it’s time to take a look at the other main alternative for mobile Linux interfaces, the one that has… Read More »

Online Privacy in 2021 in 60 Seconds #shorts

#shorts YouTube needs to end. But also, watch this privacy tutorial if you only have 60 seconds left to live. End me now. Join my channel and become a member to enjoy perks Support me through Patreon: – or donate anonymously: Monero: 84DYxU8rPzQ88SxQqBF6VBNfPU9c5sjDXfTC1wXkgzWJfVMQ9zjAULL6rd11ASRGpxD1w6jQrMtqAGkkqiid5ef7QDroTPp Bitcoin: 1FuKzwa5LWR2xn49HqEPzS4PhTMxiRq689 Ethereum: 0x6aD936198f8758279C2C153f84C379a35865FE0F Not sponsored by anyone Not affiliated… Read More »