5 Best Non Android OS – Best for Privacy

Bored with Android 11 and iOS its time to try something new 5 Best non android non iOS mobile os by Game of Roms

Mobile os like fuchsia os Flyme OS kali Nethunter Sailfish os
Download & install 5 Non Android Mobile os
install Fuchsia os :-https://youtu.be/S2OensKy_18
install Flyme OS :-https://youtu.be/nfAMC0c8Z-M
install Kali Nethunter OS:-https://youtu.be/tHOAFnvLgzI
install Derpfest os:-https://youtu.be/XQH1jAZxstc
My Android Setup:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwc48J0Hutk&list=PLtV8lEeJoOXxrtLC7bFuRJUK8lfG_YCjR

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